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Relieve sore & swollen knees - Instantly! Our #1 American's Trusted VitalKnee™ relieves your pain from bone on bone, arthritis, meniscus & surgeriesin a SAFE & EFFECTIVE way without spending a fortune on hospital visits & expensive medications! This is a LIFE-SAVER...

What Does Heat Do For My Knee?


✔️ Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, keep your knees strong in every use.

✔️ Reduces stiffness in painful joints. FDA approved natural alternatives to surgery, shots & medications.

✔️ Improve flexibility and range of motion. One size fits all. Designed to fit your body perfectly & maximum comfort without slippage.

✔️ It Relaxes the surrounding muscles before you stretch or begin an activity. Complete your daily activities anywhere you go.

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 Say "goodbye" to knee pain in every step you take —  Think of VitalKnee™ as a self-cure that gets your knee strong againIt's a “GODSEND” for a person who has worn out their knees during the time!  This is 8 TIMES CHEAPER than what you'd pay for expensive therapists.

Magnet Heating Tech 

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VitalKnee™ Improves blood circulation in 5 minutes heating up to 134.6℉, penetrating 10x DEEPER, allows you to hang out while the pad relieves your painGet back to an active lifestyle pain-free!

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It's Portable, Relief & You Complete Your Daily Activities


1. Take VitalKnee out of the box and wrap it up around the knee, elbow, or ankle without any clothes between.

2. VitalKnee will start getting warm after 20 minutes due to the friction with your skin, so please be patient.

3. After you start feeling the heat keep it on for 5 minutes and after that, it's time to take it off.

4. Your skin will be at a very high temperature so the heat in your knee will still be long for a couple of hours.

5. This is where VitalKnee will start working, improving blood circulation and getting rid of the pain, and relieve the inflammation.

Also, it makes the hard work, allowing you to go out while VitalKnee™ relieves the pain. Very convenient and portable to use, so you can get up from bed and move when needed.

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