One Touch by Blue | COVID-19

Can I place an order? Will our store deliver the package?

Yes, Make Me Smile activities are currently continuing. However, delivery times may be longer than usual and our selection of items available for international shipping may be temporarily reduced.
You can find updated delivery times on the product detail page for each item, and in checkout. Do not use delivery addresses for buildings that may be closed due to the current provisions.
We're working with our selling partners to provide the best support possible, medical supplies and other high demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so we can more quickly receive, restock and ship these products to customers.
Our teams are working to ensure availability of these products, and continue to bring on additional capacity to deliver customer orders. We're continuing to ship all available selection in our inventory, but some products may currently take longer to ship.
We're able to delivery worldwide but due to COVID-19 please expect delays deliveries, our costumer support will be more than happy to assist you with any concern you may have.